Our Services

Our aim is to work with you at every stage of the product sourcing experience, therefore the range of products we can be involved in is as great as our customers need it to be.

Our customers can let us handle all the below stages for their product sourcing requirements or if requested we can look after certain parts that you may need. For anything outside of the below services offered please do let us know as we may be able to help or if not advise you who to contact.

Our main services are:


Our most popular product sourcing service handles every aspect of the import process from the initial brief, sampling and manufacturing to delivery of your products. You will be kept informed at every stage of the process.


We are available to meet with companies who want advice on importing and sourcing product more competitively.We are happy to meet with companies who are new to importing or already are importing, but want to benefit from our 35 years’ experience.


This service is given to anyone with a viable idea for a new product.We can assist with all aspects from initial prototype to a finished product. This service gives us great pride when we see a product that was originally an idea selling successfully. 


This product sourcing service will handle the full process from initial brief to delivering to your door.

We manage the whole sourcing operation from start to finish. Customers requiring this service vary from start-ups, to national companies, to worldwide brands.

Many of our customers are new to importing, and many were already importing, but can all benefit from the further savings that Custom Sourcing’s team can offer. Our experience in sourcing product in China means that we cover every detail ensuring that our customer’s products are perfect

We have a wide portfolio of factories in China, some of which we have worked with for over 35 years. The factories we work with in China are all ethically compliant and pass all standard required to supply worldwide markets.

We are very experienced in a wide variety of products and we always get our customers the most competitive prices possible, while maintaining the quality and service expected.

At a time convenient for our customer we will meet face to face or discuss over the phone your full product(s) requirements. If you have samples available then we will request these. During this initial contact we will explain the process that will be undertaken to source your product and take time to understand our customer’s needs. After this meeting if our customer feels comfortable with the process we will begin to source your products.


Any customers who require advice on importing from China this will be the service for you. David who has been product sourcing from China as a wholesaler, importer and retailer over 35 years will be well equipped to give advice or answer any questions you have.

We are regularly asked to attend events worldwide to give talks at seminars organised by well-known trade organisations. We are also asked regularly to make presentations to companies buying departments so they can receive ideas and techniques on how to import from China better. These talks and presentation will also include a few funny stories that have happened to David over the years in China.

This service is not something we initially set out to offer but has now become an important part of our business due to demand. No matter how big or small your company is there is nothing better than listening to the experience of someone who has done it for 35 years and seen the major changes in China during this time.

If you would like to discuss this with us further please contact us.


Custom Sourcing has an impressive record of working with inventors and innovators t develop new products and help bring them to the market.

We work closely with these customers and we can transform their original concept or design into an actual product ready to sell into the market.

As with all new products confidentiality is assured when discussing with us or our factories. We understand very well the importance of protecting our customer’s IP rights and have procedures in place to make sure this happens. All factories we work with in China will never break this confidentiality due to the trust built by our long standing relationships with them. 


We employ our own qualified QC team who are based in our China office. For specific testing requirements we have preferential rates with recognized Quality Assurance companies.


We work with leading shipping and air lines to handle our customer’s deliveries.Due to the volumes we ship rates are negotiated direct with the shipping lines therefore passing these costs to our customers


Since 2012 Custom Sourcing entered into a joint venture with a Paper products factory in China. This gives us control over all operations and costs. We manufacture all different kinds of paper products in our customers OEM designs.  


Within our team we have colleagues who have been importing from China with previous employers so they understand the issues regarding worries over quality. To reassure our customers in 2012 we opened our fully owned office based in Wenzhou, China with the sole purpose of handling quality control, quality assurance, and factory audits, random no notice factory visits and inspections.

Any factory we work with will have atleast 3 random no notice visits each year. This enables us to reassure our customers that high levels of standards are always in place. Each visit will take 1 day checking many aspects of the factory. Some of these checks include things such as turnover of factory employees, functionality of machinery, compliance to all relevant standards and factory finances.

Aside from being included in our normal product sourcing service we are also able to offer this service as a separate entity. We can visit a factory on your behalf to make sure they are who they say they are, compliant to all standards or visit to check your production before shipping we are able to do this. If you require this service then please contact us to discuss further.


Custom Sourcing organises delivery of the products from the factory to the port in China. If needed we can arrange to consolidate your products from any amount of factories delivering to a number of warehouses we have access to throughout China. Consolidating this way before delivering to the shipping port can dramatically save cost.

The products are then either consolidated onto a container with other products or if a full container loaded directly onto the vessel. At this stage we can handle all paper work required for exporting products out of China.

Whilst your products are at sea Custom Sourcing will organise all the correct documents needed to import the products into your country. At this stage we will contact your nominated haulage company to advise when the vessel will arrive, they can arrange to collect and deliver to your door once we have cleared your products with customs.

Currently we make around 1200 separate shipments each year from China for our customers. Due to this volume our freight rates are negotiated directly with major shipping lines and are valid for longer. Aside from our customers who can benefit from these savings we are able to offer shipping services as a separate entity due to how competitive our rates are. If you require this service then please contact us to discuss further. 


In 2012 the opportunity had arisen for us to become a partner and part owner in a factory manufacturing paper products based in Yiwu, China. The opportunity came as we had been working with this factory successfully for over 10 years and therefore both sides had a mutual interest.

Since this partnership began manufacturing capacity has increased by over 30% due to demand from our customers worldwide.

We manufacture all types of paper products but specialise in paper bags, cups, food packaging and webmail boxes. We also have the facility to print large brochure or catalogue runs. Due to our partnership in this factory it allows us to reach minimum order quantities that most other factories cannot offer thereby opening this service to many more customers. We have a control over the operational, manufacturing and purchasing within the factory thereby giving our customers further savings.

We are very rarely beaten on price when making the paper items listed above so if you have requirements please do contact us for a quote.